Hi all,

I thought I'd give a brief update on how social activities are going for Code4Lib 2008.  I'm posting to the general list because it doesn't seem everyone's on the code4libcon list.  (Of course, I believe that list is primarily for volunteers and planning, so that's not surprising).

Right now Jeremy Frumkin and I are working with OSU' s Conference Services to try to set up a social activity and some signups.  The signups will be for at least the activity that we've planned and possibly to organize trips to restaurants for dinner.  The activity that we're going to try to organize is the Shanghai Tunnel tours:  They're pretty flexible and were pretty eager to work with us.  We're still trying to see if we can't get some other activities going, but with the limited funds and time we have at this point we can't promise much.

There's also a happy hour at the hotel that we're working on making a social event.  We'll update on that as we get more information.

I'd strongly encourage anyone who has a social event or activity they want to do to forge ahead and start organizing it.  I'm willing to help, so send me an email.  Some people have already taken the initiative and started themselves, as evidenced by the recent talk on code4libcon about a PGP signing party.

To help make your planning go smoother, several volunteers have put a lot of work into a couple of pages.  I'm afraid of listing them here in case I miss someone and my list of .  I'll try to do so later when I have a bit more time.  A huge thanks for those who did contribute.

A page of events, restaurants, and places to visit.

Some volunteers were working on seeing if it would be possible to try to do a dinner.  At this point it doesn't look too likely, but we can hopefully use this information to organize signups for those who might want to go with a group of new people to a particular restaurant.

Michael Giarlo started a google map to keep track of some places he was interested in and he and a few other volunteers are busy adding even more information.  (Again, sorry, don't know all the volunteers).

Jon Gorman

Feel free to email my gmail account as well, [log in to unmask]