Due to a major brain misfunction on my part last week (leaving my passport locked in a hotel room safe in Georgia), I will be unable to attend code4lib this week. I was supposed to receive the passport by courier yesterday, but that didn't happen, and we don't get weekend courier delivery in Sudbury. Argh.

So, in an effort to pick up the pieces:

  * I was going to bring my DV video camera and a dozen DV tapes again this year to help Noel with the video production effort. We need a volunteer to bring a DV video camera to the conference, as well as a dozen DV tapes.

  * The Evergreen pre-conference will go on as planned; Bill Erickson from Equinox and Murph from GPLS will play a leading role rather than a supporting role - but that's probably for the best; you'll be in very good hands. I'm doing what I can to support them from a distance and will be hooked in via IRC should questions come up during the session.

  * My "CouchDB is sacrilege... delicious sacrilege" presentation on Wednesday is up for grabs.

My apologies to everyone for letting you down. I am totally bummed about missing out on the conference.

Dan Scott