I do know Erin, and she is truly wonderful.


Judith Nadler
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Subject: position available

from erin mckean, dictionary evangelist -

(I've worked with erin in a variety of contexts, including the
 o'reilly tools of change for publishing conferences).

 the contact info for the
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Wanted: digitally-inclined librarian to develop a digital text
collection. Short-term 6 mo. contract with possibility of FT position.

Candidate should be:

-- tech-savvy, a blogger or blog aficionado, risk-tolerant, up-to-date
on copyright (but preferably on the side of copyfighting rather than the
side of Mickey Mouse)
-- familiar with/can manage RSS and XML, basic regex knowledge a plus
-- has a good knowledge of cataloging
-- somewhat experienced with scanning/ocr process management (a big
-- familiar with taxonomies and ontologies
-- comfortable with working quickly and have a "let's try it and see"

Location unimportant, but you should be comfortable working remotely.
Some travel may be required.