Hi all. We're in the middle of a process of assessing e-reserve software
and are likely to make a decision within a few months.

Of the open sources systems out there, the Emory one is definitely the
best. Most of the proprietary systems are quite well developed but they
vary enormously in architecture and have differences in terms of
copyright tracking/management and what type of back-end system they
have. Some are merely content management-type systems, and others are
much more tuned to e-reserve/list type requesting and management.

I don't have a comprehensive document which outlines the features of
each but we will be developing one shortly (which I can share at some
point if you email me).

Systems we've looked at are:

ReservesDirect from Emory
(open source)

ARES from Atlas Systems

Dokutek's ERES system

Resource List Management System (RLMS) from HarvestRoad
(which uses the HIVE eprint repository database underneath)

Loughborough Online Reading List System (LORLS)
(open source)

Aberystwyth (Univ of Wales) Readings Management System (ARMS)
(in-house developed - with possibility of being used by others)

TalisList from Talis Corporation

DISCOVER (formerly from Sentient Learning) from LearnBuild



Jeffrey Barnett wrote:
> Why am I not surprised to learn that you were the original author ;-)
> There is no indication of any use outside of Emory.  Are other sites
> using it?
> Ross Singer wrote:
>> Jeffrey,
>> Take a look at Reserves Direct from Emory:
>> -Ross.
>> On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 3:06 PM, Jeffrey Barnett
>> <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Is anyone aware of a standalone or add-on open source package for
>>>  managing electronic and/or digital course reserves?  A commercial
>>>  offering in this area is "Aries", but it is not customizable to our
>>>  needs.  Most useful features are monitoring for multiple use of same
>>>  article or chapter and efficient copyright clearance.

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