I don't know if it's the best solution, but you could use the code4lib
wiki if you like.  Won't have code formatting or
anything like that.

Incidentally, I'm interested in getting a DokuWiki installation going
for code4lib, which I think will serve our needs somewhat better than
the current MediaWiki.  But that goes back to the thread I introduced
which died about how to grant shell access to code4libbers on the OSU
hosted  Everyone seemed to agree that one or two or three
code4libbers were neccesary to accept responsibility as "app admin
coordinator" on the machine, but nobody actually volunteered to do that,
so we're a bit stuck.  If we had a process/structure in place, and there
was an app you wanted installed on to do this, there might
be a way to do that---depending on what process/structure we come up
with. But without one...


Keith Jenkins wrote:
> Does there already exist some place to put some code examples to share
> with the code4lib community?  (I'm thinking of snippets somewhere on
> the order of 10-100 lines, like the definition of a php function.)
> Keith

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