Dear all,

There seems to be a carbon monoxide leak at my desk; I am very stoopid today. Can anyone help me with this problem:

A.) I am trying to revamp my centuries-old homebrew image database system; I would like my users to be able to annotate images, but would like to maintain the integrity of the image's metadata. I have opted therefore to having image metadata served up by a MySQL dynamically but will ALSO link to an editable mediawiki page. Example: which replaces (BTW, I would be happy for any comments about design, etc.) An example local mediawiki page doing this can be found at

B.) The link at the bottom of the imageExample.html page links to a mediawiki page. If the page doesn't exist, the user is prompted to create a page from scratch. So far, so good.

C.) The problem is that the page exists off all on its own; it is not linked from any other page, and hence not part of the organic wiki. I have hacked a Perl script that will allow me to move the image thumbnail to the wiki, so that the image and some fields of the metadata will appear. However, I have not been able to auto-add a link to the newly created wiki entry onto a master page (say, I could, of course, keep track of it externally and serve up a list of wiki'd images as a simple pick list, but I would rather keep a list in the wiki.

Any ideas? Anyone else ever try something like this? Or is my approach completely wonky?


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