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Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to announce that the RLG Partner Copyright Investigation
Summary Report <>
is now available. This report summarizes interviews conducted between
August and September 2007 with staff from eight partner institutions.
Interviewees shared information about how and why institutions
investigate and collect copyright evidence, both for mass digitization
projects and for items in special collections. This report is one of the
deliverables of the RLG Programs Work Agenda.


 Participating partner institutions and staff include:


Cornell University
Peter Hirtle


Emory University
Lisa Macklin


New York Public Library

Tom Lisanti


Rutgers University

Grace Agnew


Stanford University

Mimi Calter


University of California, Los Angeles

Angela Riggio


University of Michigan

Judy Aronheim 


University of Texas at Austin

Dennis Dillon

RLG Programs is grateful to these partner institutions and staff for
participating in this project and sharing their knowledge and
perspectives to form the basis for this report. 


You may link directly to the report here:





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