The Digital Library Federation (DLF) is sponsoring a joint meeting of the TEI DLF Task 
Force and the TEI in Libraries Special Interest Group (SIG) as part of the Spring 2008 DLF 
Forum. Participation in the meeting is open to all members of the Task Force and SIG, but 
attendance is capped at 20. As an incentive for participation, non-DLF members are 
welcome to attend the entirety of the Spring 2008 forum.

The Spring 2008 DLF Forum ( will 
take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota from Monday, April 28, 2008 through Wednesday, 
April 30, 2008. The Joint meeting is scheduled for Monday morning, April 28th (details 
forthcoming) and will be chaired by Matthew Gibson and Michelle Dalmau. 

The purpose of this meeting is to revisit the "hot topics" discussed during the SIG at the 
TEI Members Meeting in College Park, Maryland (October 31-November 3) and provide 
the updates necessary as the SIG will take on curatorial work in the areas of "best 
practices." Please reference the meeting agenda below for additional information.

If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please contact either Matthew 
([log in to unmask]) or Michelle ([log in to unmask]) as soon as possible.

Thank you, 
Matthew Gibson, Chair of the TEI DLF Task Force 
Michelle Dalmau, Convener of the TEI in Libraries SIG 

	 Update on the "TEI Text Encoding in Libraries Guidelines for Best Encoding 
		 Custodianship of the best practices moving forward
	 Update on the Mellon-funded TEI Tite survey
	 Roundtable updates on local experimentation with TEI Tite
	 Libraries presence within the TEI-C web site: Strategies and approaches
	 Libraries role in TEI outreach and training opportunities
	 Other issues the SIG should develop/promote?