Morning, Michelle -- I am subbing for Jeff Horrell at the DLF Board of  
Trustees  Meeting, I'm afraid, and so won't be able to attend.

Best wishes,


Quoting Michelle Dalmau <[log in to unmask]>:

> Greetings!
> The Digital Library Federation (DLF) is sponsoring a joint meeting   
> of the TEI DLF Task
> Force and the TEI in Libraries Special Interest Group (SIG) as part   
> of the Spring 2008 DLF
> Forum. Participation in the meeting is open to all members of the   
> Task Force and SIG, but
> attendance is capped at 20. As an incentive for participation,   
> non-DLF members are
> welcome to attend the entirety of the Spring 2008 forum.
> The Spring 2008 DLF Forum   
> ( will
> take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota from Monday, April 28, 2008   
> through Wednesday,
> April 30, 2008. The Joint meeting is scheduled for Monday morning,   
> April 28th (details
> forthcoming) and will be chaired by Matthew Gibson and Michelle Dalmau.
> The purpose of this meeting is to revisit the "hot topics" discussed  
>  during the SIG at the
> TEI Members Meeting in College Park, Maryland (October 31-November   
> 3) and provide
> the updates necessary as the SIG will take on curatorial work in the  
>  areas of "best
> practices." Please reference the meeting agenda below for additional  
>  information.
> If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please   
> contact either Matthew
> ([log in to unmask]) or Michelle ([log in to unmask]) as soon as possible.
> Thank you,
> Matthew Gibson, Chair of the TEI DLF Task Force
> Michelle Dalmau, Convener of the TEI in Libraries SIG
> ---------------
> Agenda
> 	 Update on the "TEI Text Encoding in Libraries Guidelines for Best Encoding
> Practices"
> 		 Custodianship of the best practices moving forward
> 	 Update on the Mellon-funded TEI Tite survey
> 	 Roundtable updates on local experimentation with TEI Tite
> 	 Libraries presence within the TEI-C web site: Strategies and approaches
> 	 Libraries role in TEI outreach and training opportunities
> 	 Other issues the SIG should develop/promote?
> ---------------