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> > I now open up the vi vs. emacs discussion:
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> > (personally, I'm a BBEdit user, but fall back to vi as needed ... and ex
> > for those rare times when you have to tip into a Solaris box to fix the
> > vfstab and your TERM is completely hosed)

Up until a couple of years ago I pretty much wrote all my code using
vi and had been using it since 1984.  I started using Usenet about
the same time and posted a question on the c programming newsgroup
that was answered by Dennis Ritchie.

Now, more often than not, I use Eclipse for all my development.  I
agree with some of the code style conventions that was posted
regarding the use of tabs, blank lines, etc.  On a project I recently
worked on the development team created a wiki page (we use
Confluence) which specifically described the coding conventions we
would use.  Some of the others were:

Class names should be camel case with the first letter upper case

Method names should be camel case with the first letter lower case

variables should be all lower case.

constants should be all upper case.  For example

public class HelloWorld() {
     private final String RESPONSE = "Hello ";

     public void main(String[] args)  {

     public void sayHello(String text) {
          System.out.println(RESPONSE+ text);


One of the nice things about Eclipse is that you can create a file
which describes the recommended code style and drop it into the
project.  The a "source format" menu item will do all the right
indenting, locations of braces, etc for you.

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> > -Joe
>Back when that was my choice, I used emacs exactly once, during which I
>removed every instance of the letter "m" from a lengthy document. (When
>I have to edit a file in my shell account, which is rare, I use pico...
>yes, I know that makes me a sissy *and I don't care.*)
>K.G. Schneider

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