Joshua Ferraro wrote:

> If they got Aleph going, I think getting Koha 3.0 going would be a cinch
> by comparison. Also, once installed, the system's really easy to manage as
> nearly everything is exposed via the staff client administration and tools
> interfaces (everything is web-based, very little command-line knowledge
> required). If they want to translate it into Albanian, it's as simple as
> emailing the list and asking that Albanian be added to
> If they hurry, the might be able to get it included before the next release ;-)

I would love to recommend Koha, and I will definitely include Koha in my
talk about current ILS's. However, 1) I do not know how much technical
expertise they have and 2) I do not know how much technical expertise it
takes to install Koha. I actually tried installing it from the
instructions on the Koha site and failed, so I *do* know they need more
Unix chops than I've got. Not sayin' much.

I suspect that no matter what system they use, they will at least
initially need quite a bit of hand-holding. That's a bit hard to do
considering both the geographical and language barriers. But I  hope to
come back with more of an idea of what they can do. I fear that I may
not be leaving them with any solutions, just more complex questions.


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