Thanks -- this is great news! Is there anyone from Ex Libris (or, really,
any other vendor) floating around that would like to comment in kind???


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> Hello everyone,
> There was a thread that started April 2nd about the Serials Solutions
> API and its NDA.
> We would like to clarify that the non-disclosure agreement which we ask
> libraries to sign before receiving the documentation for our APIs does
> not limit the library IN ANY WAY from contributing their own code to
> other institutions. The posting on code4lib from one of our support
> staff was incorrect.
> We ask libraries to sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving the
> API's and accompanying documentation because once signed, API users have
> access to propriety information through communication with our
> development staff.
> Obviously, our software is our primary asset.  We ask for the
> non-disclosure so that the technical details of that asset are not
> shared with a potential competitor. However, the code that the library
> develops using the API belongs to the library.  The library is not
> limited from contributing that code to the community. In fact, we would
> encourage you to do so.
> Thanks!
> Harry Kaplanian
> Director of Product Management
> Serials Solutions

Bill Dueber
Library Systems Programmer
University of Michigan Library