Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful replies to my query.  On the
rare occasions when I venture beyond lurking to pose the occasional query,
I am often overwhelmed by the generosity of those who take the time to

As many seemed interested in hearing a synthesis of responses to my vague
and general question about people’s real world experience with OJS and
other e-publishing platforms, I have included the below.  Note that nearly
all were happy with OJS with one exception who had an earlier version that
seemed to have some navigational issues and unresolved bugs.

Those who wrote in to comment on e-publishing deployment include:

Prince Edward Island - integrating OJS and Fedora:

Rutgers University (still integrating OJS + Fedora?)

University of Kansas:

Emory University – tried out OJS and OCS, looking at DPubs


350+ Brazilian Journals (using DSpace as IR – not sure as to degree of
integration if any):

Indian Journal of Medical Informatics:

International Journal of Digital Curation:

Some general resources I was referred to include:

University of Kansas talk on deploying OJS “Mapping Our Course: Toward a
Collaborative Environment for Digital” at Educause Midwest Regional 2008:

From Public Knowledge Project Scholarly Publishing Conference 2007:

Article about PKPSP Conference at:

A sampling of OJS journals are at:

Lest we forget, we also have DPubs, developed by Cornell, as an option:

Pocast on DPubs from Educause 2005:

DPubs Journals:

Some general concerns about e-publishing system in general:

1) how flexible and extensible is the submissions/editorial process?
2) how sustainable is it when hosting, say, 20+ ejournals,
conferences, etc.?
3) how much flexibility is there in the organization and presentation
of published materials?

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