Just as a note, before you write your code- We are in the process of
evaluating federated search tools, and one item we learned that Serials
Solutions and Webfeat are now owned by the same parent company. The
stories we are getting from the two vendors are a little different, but
essitially what we are hearing is that the two federated searching
products will be integrated into a single product within a year, and
that the two development teams will be merged. I do not know how this
will impact the API for 360 Link, since that appears to be a separate
module, but you may want to take this into consideration in planning
your development.

Good luck with your project,

- David

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I wouldn't be surprised either. But it's kind of important if they
actually want their APIs to be _used_ by anyone. Even if you can only
share with other SerSol customers. What's the point of having APIs if
the community can't share code they write to use them?

I am interested in incorporating SerSol 360 Link support into Umlaut,
although my institution is not a 360 Link customer. So I'm curious where
you end up with this, and if you can establish some allowed mechanism
for sharing SerSol API-client code, even if only with other SerSol
customers, that would be useful to all of us.  Only SerSol customers
have any _use_ for the code of course, but if a part of Umlaut has to be
downloaded seperately only after you've somehow established yourself as
a SerSol customer--that gets tricky to manage.


Yitzchak Schaffer wrote:
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>> Subject: [CODE4LIB] Serials Solutions 360 API - PHP classes?
>> Does anyone have/know of PHP classes for searching the Serials
>> 360 APIs, particularly Search?
> Okay, having not heard any affirmatives, I'm starting work on this.
> an OOP and PHP noob, so I'm donning my flak jacket/dunce cap in
> but I'll try to make this as useful to the community and comprehensive
> as time and my ability allow.  Assuming that Serials Solutions will
> allow some kind of sharing for these - they make clients sign a NDA
> before they show you the docs.  I'm waiting to hear their response; I
> would be surprised if they wouldn't allow sharing of something like
> among clients.
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