Interesting viewpoint.

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Why make them login?  I can only speak for my library (Mercer), but we don't
really have a number of outsiders attempting to use the service or abuse
it.  I'd think patrons would be frustrated to have to login to use a tool
like IM.  If they are going to IM they won't quick, fast help and this to me
defeats the purpose.

And looking them up in the logs, seems scary to me.  One of the benefits of
Meebo is that they don't have to have the software and they can be
anonymous.  If someone doesn't give their name maybe they have a reason for

I think its great that you're implementing Meebo, but I think (my thoughts
not my schools) are that this just seems complicated.  My thought is if
someone finds there way to the library's page and needs help why not help
them?  Sure if they aren't associated with your University they can't use
databases that you have, but you can still provide them some help.

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 1:20 PM, Gavin Spomer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Our reference staff has decided that they want to "keep up with the Jones'"
> and enable our university students to contact the reference desk via a chat
> interface.
> After a bit o research I decided to go with Meebo, specifically MeeboMe.
> I've also decided that I want to run it through ezproxy because of two
> benefits. First, this will reduce access to MeeboMe to our university
> students/staff. Second, if legitimate university students/staff abuse the
> service, they can be identified and dealt with by looking them up in the
> ezproxy log.
> But it's still not air-tight because a legitimate student/staff can just
> copy the embedded MeeboMe widget from the html source and put it on another
> web page. Chances are small that this would happen, (or are they?) but like
> any decent sys admin I don't like to take chances.
> Is anyone else on the list implementing some sort of IM at their library
> and if so, how are you going about implementing this?
> Gavin Spomer
> Systems Programmer
> Brooks Library
> Central Washington University

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