> If you like book learning, I'd suggest Unix System Administration
> Handbook (ISBN 978-0130206015).

I highly recommend this book. Read it. Learn it. Hold it close to your
heart during times of despair...

>> Does anyone have any experience with any of these programs they'd be
>> willing to share?...

>> I learn pretty well on my own (I figured out by myself most of the basic Unix
>> stuff in respect to copying and moving files, working with vi, working with the
>> crontab, etc.) but would want any course I sign up for to have an instructor to
>> ask questions of.

You do not need to sign up for a course to ask an expert a question. I
think you're far better off on your own and appealing the internet or
anyone handy for help when you need it. The problem is that there are
so many aspects to systems that well organized and well structured
classes might not exist for what you need. In most classes, you'll
spend loads of time on things you don't need, and you might not even
get to discuss things that are very important for your situation.

Don't discount Google and online support from people you've never met.
My experience is that the support in online communities totally blows
away anything vendors can come up with. And why wouldn't it? A handful
of support staff are no match for an army of people with direct
experience in what you're trying to do.