Trying to port my Linux experience to Solaris 10 makes my brain bleed
some days.  I'd recommend, and this is probably too onerous for the
original poster, installing OpenSolaris in a virtual machine if the
installation route seems viable.  The differences between Solaris (or
#@$%@# Solaris!, as we affectionately call it) and Linux are pretty
great.  However, installing a distro inside VirtualBox is probably a
little more advanced than the OP may be prepared for.


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> Date:    Sat, 14 Jun 2008 20:02:39 +0100
> From:    Tim Hodson <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Re: Unix training options?
> As most linux distros and unix systems share a common history, many
> commands are similar but have more or less options.  If you want to
> experiment with linux distro's, I can recommend trying out VirtualBox
> [1] , which is now distributed by sun.  It is free for non-comercial
> use (teaching yourself sounds non commercial to me), and gives you a
> chance to try installing several operating systems without having to
> worry about trashing your existing (host) system.
> In terms of the absolute basics for moving round the system and seeing
> what is going on, I would recommend the following commands
> bash - use a bash shell which has handy command history and command
> completion with the tab key
> cd - change directory
> ls - list the contents of a direcory
> vi - to read, create and edit files.
> less - view even very big files easily, and uses standard vi commands
> to navigate
> The easiest way to learn is through doing, playing and making
> mistakes. - and being forced to learn because you HAVE to do something
> is a great catalyst to knew knowledge. :)
> Tim
> [1]

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