On Jun 13, 2008, at 1:45 PM, Cindee Phillips wrote:

> Hello all,
> I realize this is a bit off-topic for this list, but I'm hoping  
> someone might have some advice or recommendations for me concerning  
> Unix training.
> I moved from cataloging to our systems position two years ago. At  
> the time, we were on a maintenance contract with our ILS vendor,  
> meaning I only needed to do very basic things with the server (my  
> job primarily entailed running reports against our data and working  
> with some other locally developed Access applications.)
> Last summer, we joined a consortium and migrated our catalog to  
> their servers, and would like to do something else now with the  
> server we were previously using for our ILS, probably along the  
> lines of archiving locally produced media on it.
> But I obviously need more training.  It's a Sun box, running Oracle  
> 9, and I've looked at several companies that do short term classroom  
> training (i.e., ( http:// 
> )), but I've also been considering online  
> coursework, either by Sun ( or, perhaps  
> O'Reilly
> I learn pretty well on my own (I figured out by myself most of the  
> basic Unix stuff in respect to copying and moving files, working  
> with vi, working with the crontab, etc.) but would want any course I  
> sign up for to have an instructor to ask questions of.

What version of Solaris is this box running?

I would suggest installing Solaris/x86 on a PC, then install Oracle 9,  
etc. It would be a nice environment for you to play in without  
worrying about damaging your live system. Solaris these days is much,  
much different than most other Unix flavors. So you're better off  
learning on an actual Solaris system. Much of what you would learn on  
Linux or another Unix variant would still be mostly applicable, but if  
you can get the real deal, it will be even better.

As far as training, Sun has a very good training program but it is  
also very expensive. To start with you might do better with the Unix  
handbook others have mentioned; the Red Book or Purple Book or  
whatever color it is these days. Some other resources:


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