Thanks for the encouraging words about the Berman Catalog to fellow

I don't know if you know, but

Although I did find the Ruby code here

I did not find the Marc record reader or parser you created...was it
MARC : : Forgiving Reader? to read the records, then import them
into the MYSQL database.


I did not find the MYSQL database/databases? you designed.

I assume these are still resident on your server.    If I am remembering
right, I think that you had imported some but not all of the catalog records
and there was not time to create the authority file database(s) ?

All I have to work with right now is the raw data.

So  I need to get 100% of the raw data catalog and authority files into one
perhaps several MYSQL databases, before the work on the Ruby display
can proceed.

I've recently heard of a Ruby based OPAC Blacklight, but don't know if
that would work for this project.

So if I can find someone to help, he or she would have to do what I assume
you already did....

1. Assess the state of the raw data to find out if all the delimiters
are where they should be and perhaps fix any data imperfections
that would be an obstacle to transfer

2. Create a structure for the MYSQL database after analysing the
    structure of the data...field lengths/repeating fields, etc.

3. Either use an existing or create a custom Marc Reader or parser
    to read the records and import them into MYSQL.

There would also have to be a way of checking if everything transferred okay
without data loss...I used to call this data validation.

Now...if you would send me a copy of MARC : : ForgivingReader
and the MYSQL database you created either populated with
the records you put into it or blank but with the structure you
defined, that would eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel
and start over.

And although I hope this message will bring me someone
who can help, so far the responses I've received are from
people with their own projects.   So if you do know anyone
who can help, let me know.

If it's someone who would need funding, I'll find out
if funds could be raised.

Times a wastin...Sandy and George Carlin have/had
the same condition.

Madeline Douglass
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