In general, is there a reason to have different metadata formats from 
SRU vs OpenSearch? Is there a way to just have the same metadata formats 
available for each? Or are the demands of each too different to just use 
the same underlying infrastructure, such that it really does take more 
work to include a metadata format as an OpenSearch option even if it's 
already been included as an SRU option?

Personally, I'd like these alternate access methods to still have the 
same metadata format options, if possible. And other options. Everything 
should be as consistent as possible to avoid confusion.


Washburn,Bruce wrote:
> Godmar,
> I'm one of the developers working on the WorldCat API.  My take is that
> the API is evolving and adapting as we learn more about how it's
> expected to be used.  We haven't precluded the addition of more record
> metadata to OpenSearch responses; we opted not to implement it until we
> had more evidence of need.  
> As you've noted, WorldCat API OpenSearch responses are currently limited
> to title and author information plus a formatted bibliographic citation,
> while more complete record metadata is available in DC or MARC XML in
> SRU responses. Until now we had not seen a strong push from the API
> early implementers for more record metadata in OpenSearch responses,
> based on direct feedback and actual use.  I can see how it could be a
> useful addition, though, so we'll look into it.
> Bruce

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