Ed Summers wrote:
|As for Karen's question about the Internet Archive: it totally makes
|sense to host the data up there. But, I had to sign a scary license
|agreement from the UIUC Archives, which *almost* stopped me from even
|releasing ... Madeline can say for
|sure, but I'm fairly certain this license prevents putting the data up
|for the public. The ultimate disservice to Sanford Berman IMHO.
|/me sighs

Same experience here.  I responded directly to Karen:
"See -- it refers to licensing from
the Univ of Illinois Archives.  When the data first became available a
number of years ago, I obtained a copy, and I remember that you had to
specify that you were obtaining the data for personal research purposes
only and that the data could not be made publicly available (or
something to that effect).  Things may have changed since then, but I
don't know for sure."

Until such a time (if ever) that the Berman catalog is publicly
released, maybe a substitute "public" version (not perfect, but maybe
close) could be reconstructed by harvesting library catalogs that
incorporated Sandy's headings and xrefs.  Sort of how the Dead Sea
Scrolls were reconstructed for "public access" by working backwards from
a concordance back in the 1990s.  The hard part is probably trying to
find libraries which subscribed to Sandy's microform and print
publications of new headings and actually incorporated them.  Of course,
we know that LC is *not* in that group!  (Although some of his headings
did eventually find their way into LCSH.)

The first ALA conference I ever attended (in Chicago in 1978) had Sandy
Berman on the floor and Lucia Rather from LC on the podium passionately
arguing about LCSH terminology.  It was my first introduction to Sandy
(my thought: wow, is this what goes on at ALA?), and (from a distance) I
followed his career ever since.  I was later able to hear him speak at a
local Illinois Library Association conference in 1989 about subject
terminology and had an opportunity to personally speak with him
afterwards.  I very much favored (and have been influenced by) his
subject headings and, even if I may not have assigned them or directly
entered them into local library authority files, I certainly have tried
to follow that spirit in creating cross references, so that access under
such terminology is not lost.