In a Windows environment, SSH tunneling can also be accomplished by
installing OpenSSH via Cygwin.

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Not sure if I'm understanding Eric's original scenario correctly
setup of needing to support SSH tunneling through to an Oracle database
exactly what we have setup in my library using SecureCRT (  I think this software is
useful and supports keys and all the rest ( Set up SSH keys such that
building the tunnel doesn't prompt for a password, * Run the local end
the tunnel on a free port, * Configure your local client to talk to the
local end of the tunnel).  This is an essential piece of our
and we have SecureCRT set up on servers as well as individual PCs to
secure transmission of information to sources outside our firewall.


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> On Jun 25, 2008, at 8:59 AM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
>  Is there anyway to support SSH tunneling through a MySQL DSN?
> Not sure if this is exactly relevant, but I used to need to access a
> mysql database not open to internet access, and came to love ssh
> Some notes:
> <>
> Also, for a different reason, I needed to handle passwordless logins.
> might be of some use:
> <>
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