Last year we had a somewhat mixed process - I'll have to go back and look at the email archives, but I believe we had a somewhat informal vote after folks volunteered to host pre-conference topics. After the vote, there was at least one group that decided to run an 'unofficial' pre-conference as well, which was also well attended.

-- jaf

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Alexis - I'm posting your question to the list because I don't have
the answer.
We have a pre-conference room which will hold 80 people reserved for
Monday, 2/23.  We could book a second (and third?) room if necessary.
I'm not sure if the pre-conference topics go to popular vote or if
anyone willing to organize one gets a green light.  Jeremy or others
- how did work last year?


On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Alexis Rossi <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi Jean,
> I sent you an email a couple of months ago regarding having an
> pre-conference next year.  I'm sure I was jumping the gun a
> bit timing-wise, but would now be a better time to start discussing whether
> this will be possible?
> Three people from our project spoke at the 2008 conference - Aaron Swartz,
> our tech lead; Brewster Kahle, founder of Internet Archive; and Karen Coyle,
> our metadata czarina.  We also held a small meeting prior to the conference,
> which I'm told was well attended.  We'd like to do a whole day
> pre-conference in 2009 if that will work out schedule-wise.
> What do you think, is this a possibility?
> Thanks,
> Alexis Rossi
> Internet Archive

> jean rainwater wrote:
>> Mark the dates!
>> Brown University is hosting code4lib 2009 which will take place at the
>> Renaissance Providence Hotel from Monday, Feb 23 (preconference day)
>> to Thursday, Feb 26.
>> It's time to start a discussion of potential keynote speakers.  Ideas?????
>> Jean
>> Jean Rainwater
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