I'd like to know too. I found some code floating around... I think I did a search in Google Code for "ExpressImport.asp" or something and came up with a half-way working bit of code.. For some reason it keeps asking for a group id though. I remember having a hard time finding any useful docs :(

This is in ruby and I hope to implement a full service class for refworks in Blacklight, but I'm not even sure if this works!

def refworks_export_url(group, document)
    # "{file_url}"
    file_url = URI.escape(refworks_catalog_url(document['id']))

Matt Mitchell

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] refworks developer documentation?

Does anyone know where, if anywhere, I find documentation on the ways to
send references to RefWorks for importing?

Not having any luck on their website. I know I've seen it before
though.  I remember there were a variety of formats and methods you
could send things to RefWorks for an import. Must be documentation
somewhere?  I bet some code4libber has done this before.


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