I've attached two versions of a SIP client script that retrieves patron
information--one for telnet based servers and the other for sockets
based ones. All the functions excepting PatronInformation() are
applicable to other SIP messages, so while this isn't the full client
library you're dreaming about, it could still save you some head
banging. (you may still want to bang my head after looking at it though)

The 3M SIP2 SDK ( includes
the protocol definition along with a Windows client and server you can
use for testing.  The client is particularly useful as you can use it
interactively with your ILS.



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I'd like to see the PHP code, Mark.  Would you mind sending it to me, or
perhaps posting it somewhere where we all might download it?



David Walker
Library Web Services Manager
California State University


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What are you using for a client?  I have some PHP for getting patron
information, but there's nothing III specific about it, so I don't know
if it'd be helpful.  Do you have the 3M SIP SDK?


Mark Ellis
Manager, Information Technology
Richmond Public Library
Richmond, BC
(604) 231-6410

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Has anyone out there attempted to code to III's SIP server?  We're new
to III, having just merged with another library system that is a III
customer, and were hoping to be able to use SIP for some basic customer
account information - nothing too fancy, just basically some of what is
supported in version 2.00 of the protocol.  Name and address would be
nice (name we seem to get, but no address), items out, items on hold,
fines and fees, etc.  Our other ILS, SirsiDynix Horizon, has pretty good
support for SIP 2.00 features, only somewhat idiosyncratic, with a few
fairly well-documented extensions, and we were hoping to find the same
level of support in III's server.  Is this an entirely unreasonable

Wayne Schneider
ILS System Administrator
Hennepin County Library
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