Cornell University Library Hires Chief Technology Strategist
Dean Krafft Takes Pioneering New Role in University Library Setting

Press release:

Dean Krafft joins Cornell University Library as its chief technology strategist.  He is the first person in this senior-level post, which is a new position for the library world.

Dean has more than 30 years of experience at Cornell.  After receiving his Master's and PhD degrees from Cornell's Computer Science Department, he served in several research and information technology positions within Computing and Information Science (CIS).  Recently, he was director of IT for CIS and principal investigator for the National Science Digital Library Core Integration project.  He will continue to serve as a senior research associate in Information Science.

As chief technology strategist, Dean will focus his efforts on the development of a long-term vision for the Library's technology future.  He also serves as an ambassador for collaborative technology initiatives across the University and in national and international efforts.

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