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It is my pleasure to announce the publication of a new monograph entitled
"Strategies for Sustaining Digital Libraries." This book addresses a topic
of great current interest to our community, and features articles by several
members of the DLF community.  The book may be found on Amazon at


From the introduction: "This collection of essays is a report of early
findings from pioneers who have worked to establish digital libraries not
merely as experimental services, but as ongoing services and collections to
be sustained over time in the same way that print libraries are sustained
over extended periods of time.  There is a clear need to begin sharing such
findings between programs across the nation and indeed the world.  The
collective sentiment of the field is that we must now begin the transition
between a punctuated, project-based mode of advancing new and innovative
information services and an ongoing programmatic mode of sustaining digital
libraries for the long haul."


The book includes articles by Michael Furlough of Penn State, Bradley Daigle
of UVA, Leslie Johnston of the Library of Congress, Tyler Walters of GA
tech, and several others.


It was my pleasure to co-edit this volume with Katherine Skinner.  Many
thanks to the contributors to this monograph; all of the articles provide
valuable insights on this critical topic.


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