Thomas Dowling wrote:

> Contrariwise, Wikipedia includes book and DVD covers and movie 
> posters, with a pretty verbose explanation of why they think 
> they're allowed to do so (see for example 
> <>).
> I guess they just define their use as allowed and wait for 
> someone to challenge them on it?

This is what the *English language* Wikipedia does.  Normally, all 
pictures in Wikipedia are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, from 
where they can be shared by all languages of the free 
encyclopedia.  But Wikimedia Commons doesn't accept pictures under 
"fair use", they must be under a free license (or in the public 
domain).  That's why these posters and cover images are only 
uploaded to the English Wikipedia, and do not appear on other 
major languages of Wikipedia.

Some users want the stricter rule introduced on the English 
Wikipedia as well, since these images are not "free" and can only 
be used legally in countries with a "fair use" exception in their 
copyright law.  It is a major issue of discussion.

For the image
you will see the text "This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. 
The description on its description page there is shown below", 
which doesn't appear for that Star Wars movie poster.

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