Hi everyone,

(I'm writing on behalf of myself, Paul Albert, and Kevin Reiss.)

We're writing to get your opinion on a group that we're looking to start 
up in the New York City Metro area.  Kevin, Paul, and I are members of a 
Metropolitan Library Council (METRO) Special Interest Group that is -- 
currently -- named "Library 2.0."  We usually meet quarterly to discuss 
software, coding techniques, and issues facing library information 
technology.  (Past discussion topics are available online at  Over the past 
year or so, we've convened a really wonderful group of people who share 
similar interests and focus.  Although we're called the Library 2.0 
group, we really like to come together to focus more on coding 
techniques and software implementation.

Many group members' attendance at the Code4Lib conference this past 
spring helped us solidify an idea that others had discussed: we would 
like to start up (albeit informally) a "Code4LibNYC-METRO" group or 
something similar.  The METRO group would continue to meet, with a 
slight name change, and be as much as possible a place for "library 
technologists to commune, gather/create/share ideas and software, be 
inspired, and forge collaborations," just like Code4Lib.  METRO will 
give us meeting space, and we will extend invites as far as possible, to 
build a local Code4Lib group.  All will be welcome.

I know this might be a little off-topic from current discussions, but we 
really would like to know your thoughts on this.  Are there others out 
there looking to start up a similar "local Code4Lib group " -- or have 
already?  (Any tips / opinions / ideas are greatly appreciated.)  Is 
this a good idea, from your perspective?  We're hoping to start up the 
group in September if we're on the right path.

(Please feel free to respond to me off-list [[log in to unmask]] if 
you'd prefer.)

Thank you for your help!
Joanna, Paul, and Kevin

Joanna DiPasquale
Web Developer
Libraries Digital Program Division
Columbia University Libraries