Hi Kevin,

Sign me up for the NC group. Although I'm not technically in a library  
any more, I have been slowly trying to improve communication with the  
other groups in the triangle area, and having a code4lib space to  
track NC activities would help.

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On Aug 13, 2008, at 4:05 PM, Kevin S. Clarke wrote:

> I think this is a great idea!
> I'd also be interested in seeing further discussion on this list, like
> Ed said, if you or others go ahead with this idea (local code4libs).
> Also, I'd be interested in working with others in North Carolina if
> there are folks here who'd be interested in starting a
> or for sharing what's
> going on regionally.  Just respond to this post or drop me an email
> and let's plan something.
> Joanna DiPasquale, Paul Albert, Kevin Reiss, etc., please keep us
> informed of your progress or better yet discuss the process on list so
> that we can all benefit from your experience!
> Thanks for posting with the idea,
> Kevin
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 1:42 PM, Joanna DiPasquale <[log in to unmask] 
> > wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> (I'm writing on behalf of myself, Paul Albert, and Kevin Reiss.)
>> We're writing to get your opinion on a group that we're looking to  
>> start up
>> in the New York City Metro area.  Kevin, Paul, and I are members of a
>> Metropolitan Library Council (METRO) Special Interest Group that is  
>> --
>> currently -- named "Library 2.0."  We usually meet quarterly to  
>> discuss
>> software, coding techniques, and issues facing library information
>> technology.  (Past discussion topics are available online at
>>  Over the  
>> past year
>> or so, we've convened a really wonderful group of people who share  
>> similar
>> interests and focus.  Although we're called the Library 2.0 group,  
>> we really
>> like to come together to focus more on coding techniques and software
>> implementation.
>> Many group members' attendance at the Code4Lib conference this past  
>> spring
>> helped us solidify an idea that others had discussed: we would like  
>> to start
>> up (albeit informally) a "Code4LibNYC-METRO" group or something  
>> similar.
>> The METRO group would continue to meet, with a slight name change,  
>> and be
>> as much as possible a place for "library technologists to commune,
>> gather/create/share ideas and software, be inspired, and forge
>> collaborations," just like Code4Lib.  METRO will give us meeting  
>> space, and
>> we will extend invites as far as possible, to build a local  
>> Code4Lib group.
>> All will be welcome.
>> I know this might be a little off-topic from current discussions,  
>> but we
>> really would like to know your thoughts on this.  Are there others  
>> out there
>> looking to start up a similar "local Code4Lib group " -- or have  
>> already?
>> (Any tips / opinions / ideas are greatly appreciated.)  Is this a  
>> good
>> idea, from your perspective?  We're hoping to start up the group in
>> September if we're on the right path.
>> (Please feel free to respond to me off-list [[log in to unmask]]  
>> if you'd
>> prefer.)
>> Thank you for your help!
>> Joanna, Paul, and Kevin
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