If you're only dealing with a small group When Is Good is a nice tool, 

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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] local Code4Lib group -- opinions?

In the past, when I've tried to help with meeting scheduling -- you're 
just never going to make all people happy.  For this sort of group, 
however, you don't need to have quorum for votes, it's just informaton 
exchange, so if there's a large number of people who can't make the 
existing meeting time, but can make another time, or visa-versao,
consider having a rotating schedule.

(every other meeting is on Friday afternoons, but the others are a 
saturday lunch meetup, or thursday evenings, etc for those who can't get

off work)

Some people might attend both, others might only be able to attend the
that fits their schedule.

If you then double the number of meetings, or just do odd/even months,
up to the group.

Joe Hourcle