At the DLF Forum in April, a few of us started having corridor  
conversations about the idea of holding a DLF “Project Managers’  
Forum” pre-conference, mirroring the “Developers’ Forum” that has  
existed for many years (and that mostly targets programmers).

The idea would be to have a half day session (probably on Monday  
morning) where DL project managers could share their experiences,  
strategies, challenges, etc.  It would be open to anyone who manages  
DL projects (large or small), and more generally to anyone interested  
in the topic of DL project management. Here are some examples of  
issues we could talk about:
* How do you manage cultural differences among the project  
participants (IT staff vs. catalogers vs. content specialists)? Acting  
as a translator.
* How do you come up with a realistic time line?
* How do you control the “feature creep” in a project?
* Staffing: how do you ensure continuity despite grant-funded short- 
term positions and natural staff turnover?
* Managing a portfolio of projects: how do you prioritize? how do you  
control the impact of the projects on each other in terms of resource  
* Managing expectations: how do you communicate about time lines and  
other issues with the various stake-holders of a projects (including  
top library managers)
* Which software management tools have you found useful and not too  
much of an overhead?
* How do you find project management training that relates to the (non  
corporate) Digital Library environment.
* How do long-term maintenance issues and legacy projects affect your  
* Are there specific initiatives that DLF could take to help DL  
project managers?

So we would like to gage interest here. Who among you would  
potentially consider attending such a session? (You can just reply to [log in to unmask] 
  with a quick "yes I would be interested". Of course if you have more  
elaborate suggestions or comments, we would love to hear about them.)

Delphine Khanna (U. of Pennsylvania) and Jennifer Vinopal (NYU)