Attendees at next week's DLF Fall Forum who are planning on coming to
the "JHOVE2 Needs Assessment and Functional Requirements"
Birds-of-a-Feather session (Thursday, Nov. 13, 2:30-3:30pm, Providence
I, 3rd floor), are asked to please review the current functional
requirements document (v. 1.1, 2008-11-05) and other material on the
project wiki <> prior
to the session.

This BOF is an important component of the project's public needs
assessment activity.  Due to the limited time available, we'd like to
structure the session around the following questions:

*  Given the use of new terminology to define characterization, is the
conceptual basis for the project clear?
* What does "assessment" mean in the context of your existing or planned
preservation workflows?
* Ambiguous statements in format specifications can be dealt with in two
ways: configurable validation criteria or the application of assessment
rules to the results of prescribed validation criteria.  Which seems
* Given a potential trade-off between more substantive assessment
capabilities and more supported formats, what would your prioritization
* Regarding the functional requirements, what is missing?  What is most
* Would you be interested in pursuing 3rd party development, or
co-development, of missing functionality?
* Do you have interesting test data that you can contribute to a JHOVE2

We look forward to an interesting and informative discussion.

Thank you,

Stephen Abrams, CDL
Evan Owens, Portico
Tom Cramer, Stanford University

on behalf of the JHOVE2 project team