I've been working on a new Solr client library over the past few months and I feel it's finally getting to a good usable/stable spot. Some of it's capabilities:

ability to send arbitrary params to solr
transparent jruby, direct connection support
document set pagination
http client adapters for Net::HTTP and Curb (ruby bindings for curl)
simplified filter and facet querying using ruby constructs

We'll be integrating this into Blacklight soon. But I'm hoping to get as much feedback as possible before doing so. Here's the project page:

And if you'd like to jump in and try it NOW:

# install
gem sources -a
sudo gem install mwmitchell-solr

# try it out
solr = Solr.connect(:http, solr_server_url)
response = solr.query(:q=>'*:*', :page=>1, :per_page=>10) do |doc|


Any thoughts or ideas? Features you'd like to see implemented or possible gotchas that I'm not seeing? Any Ruby developers out there that might want to chip in?

Thanks for your time,

Matt Mitchell
Research & Development
Alderman Library
University of Virginia