Dear Code4Lib 2009 Participants:

This year, as in previous years, we're having two open-ended, informal
breakout sessions during the Code4Lib conference.  These have been
useful for folks who wanted to discuss issues, follow up on the topics
from keynotes and other talks, learn more about a project or a
standard, or actually work on developing a specification or hacking
out useful code.  The best part about the breakout sessions is that
any attendee can propose and lead a session, and we will have several
rooms available to accommodate crowds of various sizes as appropriate.

Right now the schedule allows for two 70-minute blocks for these, one
on each of the two full conference days, Tuesday Feb 24, and Wednesday
Feb 25.

There's a page at to collect advance suggestions and
proposals from any attendee who wants to run a session.  Please put
your session idea and name on the page or email me off-list and I'll
add them to the page. Pick a day (if it matters), give your proposed
session a descriptive name, and add a short description if it's not
self-evident what it's about.  It's easiest too if we have a point
person for each breakout session, so put your name next to the
proposal.  You can always add or change names later.

When the conference starts we'll have flip charts listing all the
proposals we collected on the web page, with room for anyone to add or
change proposals.  Before the breakouts start, we'll take a quick show
of hands to divvy up the rooms according to interest.  Smaller groups
will just spread out in the ballroom.

-- Jean

Jean Rainwater
Co-Leader, Integrated Technology Services
Brown University Library
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
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