Ok, I promised myself I wouldn't s**m you folks directly until after C4L,
and I promise to be restrained with future postings, behooves me to
repeat here at least once that:

Registration is open for the Evergreen International Conference, May 20-22,
2009, to be held in the charming, fun, affordable college town of Athens,
Georgia, a straight shot from Atlanta's hub airport.

We've got great keynote speakers -- Jessamyn West and Joe Lucia -- plus an
action-packed conference schedule that includes not only traditional "sage
on a stage" programs and panels but user-directed hackfests, lightning
talks, and Birds of a Feather (oh, and pub crawls...).

To register, see the conference website, or go
directly to the registration page at:

(Comment: in fact, depending on your browser, you may need to go directly to
that page - apologies for that.)

If you don't have a SOLINET account, you will need to create one, but that
will only take a minute. (SOLINET is handling conference registration for
this conference, which is jointly coordinated by SOLINET, Equinox Software,
and Georgia Public Library Service.)

Program submissions are due this Monday, March 2. We're seeing some good
ones -- and from beyond North America, as well! See these instructions:

In deference to our heterogeneous audience, we have three tracks (Tech,
Admin, Frontline Staff). If you're wondering where your program idea fits,
relax, don't worry, pick one or several. We're not persnickety and if we
think a proposal is good but would be better with a tweak or two ("Can you
demonstrate ingesting BaconML specifically into Evergreen?") , we'll tell
you so.  If you think you have a half-day in you, consider proposing a
hackfest (I'm planning on doing two half-day sessions on documentation). If
you think you have five minutes in you, bring your lightning talk idea to
the conference or propose it in advance. If you have ANY questions about
your proposal idea, please ping me in one of my varied habitues (DM kgs on
Twitter, see me in channel, hunt me down on FB, email me, track me down in
the snack aisle in CostCo...)

This will be a great conference for the Evergreen-curious and
Evergreen-expert alike!

There's a nascent wiki which will be further developed after we get through
the program-proposal-review hump:

Early Bird Registration ends April 1, so sign up now and save your money for
enjoying the Athens restaurant scene!

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