I knew there was something I forgot to mention!


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Thanks Terry, a really good comparison!

One more that I came up with, in thinking about this slightly further 
... ticTOCs is open to the public whereas ZETOC requires an 
institutional login to access the data.  A big plus on ticTOCs' side!


On Thu, 12 Feb 2009, Bucknell, Terry wrote:

> Zetoc covers about 20,000 journals, including journals that are 
>print-only, or that exist online but do not provide their own RSS feeds
> ticTOCs covers about 12,000, limited to journals that provide their 
>own RSS feeds (so this excludes print-only journals in the main)
> Zetoc is based the British Library's acquisitions of print issues, 
>with data re-keyed into to system, which means that it may be a few 
>weeks between an issue being published an appearing in Zetoc.
> ticTOCs uses feeds from the publishers (or their online hosts), so 
>they are as up to date as the publisher wants to make them. Sometimes 
> Zetoc only contains tables of contents
> ticTOCs contains whatever the publisher chooses to include in its 
>feed, which may include abstracts, subject terms, DOIs, and graphical 
>abstracts (especially for chemistry titles)
> So to summarise, Zetoc covers more journals, but ticTOCs should be 
>more up to date and contains richer content.