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> You might be interested to know then that Lund University Libraries, the
> people behind the DOAJ, have been doing this for years, since before
> publisher RSS feeds and NGCs. They make it available to other libraries too
> (for a fee) with your holdings indexed so you can search for full text
> articles only. See
> <>

Very interesting. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and I'd like
to comment on "make it available to other libraries" part.

I always thought it would be interesting to distribute indexes of the DOAJ
content more widely. More specifically:

  * create (Lucene) indexes for all the OAI DOAJ article sets
  * distribute the indexes through something like BitTorrent
  * provide a way to mix and merge the selected indexes
  * provide tools to search the result

In such a way a library could select subsets apropos to their collection
development policy, and maybe integrate the whole thing into their "NGC".
There is no reason why the indexes would have to be limited to OAI DOAJ
sets, but it could also include other OAI-accessible content, or content
extracted from mirrored journal literature.

In short, library as bibliographic index publisher.

Eric Lease Morgan