Yes, we're aware that we have feeds for dead journals too and are working on a mechanism to strip those out - but thanks for checking that we knew!


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At 05:57 PM 2/18/2009, Terry wrote:
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>We have been busy developing more flexible APIs and in the course of 
>that today we realised that we were including some records that 
>don't have feeds (and that don't appear in our web interface). We 
>will make sure that we tidy those up. We also appreciate that we 
>have some updating to do because of new launches and title 
>transfers. In the longer term we are looking to publisher-initiated 
>updates to our database via CrossRef.

On the flipside, are you aware that there are also feed URLs for 
discontinued journals?  Somehow a journal that stopped publishing in 
1996 or 2000 doesn't seem very feed-worthy.  (Most of the ones I 
encountered were for ScienceDirect journals; publisher-initiated 
updates aren't all they're cracked up to be if the publisher is 
creating feeds across the board, regardless of whether there's any 
new content to feed.)

Bob Duncan

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