On Wed, 8 Apr 2009, Peter Schlumpf wrote:

>> From: Alex Osborne <[log in to unmask]>
>> If I'm understanding you correctly, what you have in mind is a
>> triplestore.  A database for storing purely relationship triples and

> Close.  What I have in mind looks more like just pure objects and 
>pointers.  Think in purely abstract terms at this level.  It's possible 
>to have one to many relationships from one object to many other 
>objects.  It would be possible to group sets of objects together by 
>using a single "proxy" object in this database that refers to the 
>others.  But I'm starting to digress.

All of which are possible in a TripleStore :)
Or an Object-Relational database, but a triple store would likely find 
more support in the community.

I would encourage looking at rdf triplestores seriously, if the graph 
approach is the direction that you want to go in.