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> And what you hear over here is a plea to not give up on catalogers.  Some
> are beyond ready to move from text to data.  Hiding the data view -- do you
> mean making it look like marc? -- sounds pretty awful.  Catalogers who are
> on board are trapped by the way sharing currently works, i.e. record
> sharing.  If the leaders of the cataloging community are failing, what can
> catalogers do?  This is an honest question, not a throwing-up-of-hands.
>  Though maybe completely off-topic for this list.

Hear, hear.  I don't think we'll see a real solution unless we consider both
the tech-folks' and the catalogers' concerns.  I'm also sympathetic to
knowledge domains wanting to have control over the meaning of their data
elements (to have a useful and well defined set).  How we move forward when
we have so much "legacy" data (and supporting systems), as Anna said, is a
difficult problem.

Thanks for the plug Roy.  The checks in the mail.  ;-)


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