Uh, before this gets completely out of hand, UC is still running a PURL
server, see for example:



On 4/2/09 4/2/09  8:07 AM, "Mike Taylor" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Karen Coyle writes:
>>> OK, good, then if you are concerned about the PURL services SPOF,
>>> take the freely available PURL software and created a distributed
>>> PURL based system and put it up for the community.  I think
>>> several people have looked at this, but I have not heard of any
>>> progress or implementations.
>> The California Digital Library ran the PURL software for a while,
>> using it to mint identifiers for digital documents. It was a while
>> back, but someone there may remember how it went.
> Wait, what?  They _were_ running a PURL resolver, but now they're not?
> What does the P in PURL stand for again?
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