Dear CODE4LIB colleagues,

In one of my alternative incarnations, I am a zoological taxonomist.
One of the big issues for taxonomy right now is whether to accept as
nomenclaturally valid papers that are published only in electronic
form, i.e. not printed on paper by a publisher.

In a discussion of this matter, a colleague has claimed:

> [PDF files will not become unreadable] in the next 30-40 years.
> Possibly not in the 20 years that will follow. After that, when only
> 30-year and older documents are in the PDF format, the danger will
> increase that this information will not be readable any more. It is
> generally considered as quite unlikely that PDF will be readable in
> 100 years.

I would appreciate any comments that anyone on this list has on the
likelihood that PDF will be unreadable in 100 years.

Many thanks,

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