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if you're archiving web content, please use the WARC format.

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WARC File Format Published as an International Standard

ISO 28500:2009 specifies the WARC file format:

* to store both the payload content and control information from
   mainstream Internet application layer protocols, such as the
   Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Domain Name System (DNS),
   and File Transfer Protocol (FTP);
* to store arbitrary metadata linked to other stored data
   (e.g. subject classifier, discovered language, encoding);
* to support data compression and maintain data record integrity;
* to store all control information from the harvesting protocol
   (e.g. request headers), not just response information;
* to store the results of data transformations linked to other
   stored data;
* to store a duplicate detection event linked to other stored
   data (to reduce storage in the presence of identical or
   substantially similar resources);
* to be extended without disruption to existing functionality;
* to support handling of overly long records by truncation or
   segmentation, where desired.

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