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> I guess the first question is if it is really necessary to use a text
> file?  I'm not entirely clear on this process, but perhaps the text
> file could be imported into a database.

At this point the text file is a stop-gap api that ticTOCs is offering
(supposedly working an actual api), so this will probably be a temporary
situation. I could put all the data into mysql, though then I'd have to
figure out how to check the text file for changes and then update the
database accordingly.

> Then of course perhaps there's some way to add this to the Serials
> Solution database directly?  Then you don't need another javascript at
> all?

I'm so disillusioned with them, that I didn't even consider that...

> cron + wget/curl would be a good first step it would seem.  You might
> want some sort of script that monitors changes or the like.  (Maybe
> send you an email if there's no updates in x days or something like
> that).

Thanks, I'll look into that.

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