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Subject: [CODE4LIB] How to access environment variables in XSL

I am working with some XSL pages that serve up HTML on the web.  I'm new to XSL.   In my prior web development, I was accustomed to being able to access environment variables (and their values, natch) in my CGI scripts and/or via Server Side Includes.  Is there an equivalent mechanism for accessing those environment variables within an XSL page?

These are examples of the variables I'm referring to:

In a Perl CGI script, I would do something like this:
    my $server = $ENV{'SERVER_NAME'};

Or in an SSI, I could do something like this:
    <!--#echo var="REMOTE_ADDR"-->

If it matters, I'm working in: Solaris/Apache/Tomcat

I've googled this but not found anything useful yet (except for other people asking the same question).  Maybe I'm asking the wrong question.  Any help would be appreciated.

-- Michael

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