At 03:25 PM 7/15/2009, John Wynstra wrote:
>We have tested routing off-campus users through our local proxy 
>(WAM) when they link to Google Scholar from our library website 
>.  Not recommending it, just saying it works since the proxy is in 
>the correct IP range.  It has the benefit of leaving folks 
>authenticated to the documents they will eventually click 
>to--assuming you are using a rewrite proxy.  It doesn't actually set 
>preferences, so if users happen to go directly to Google Scholar 
>they may be confused by the missing openURL links.

I was going to mention this as well, but I was home this morning and 
did some experimenting, and found that if I had already set a Library 
Links preference in Scholar, that my proxied URL strategy was 
foiled.  To test...I accessed Scholar directly, set Stanford in 
Scholar Prefs, closed the browser, then accessed Scholar using a 
proxied URL.  Instead of my library's OpenURL links, I still saw just 
Stanford's.  I opened a different browser, accessed Scholar using the 
proxied URL, and saw Lafayette's OpenURL links.

Seems like as long as the browser has stated a conscious preference 
from within Scholar Preferences, IP address is ignored for purposes 
of offering OpenURL links.  (Even from on-campus -- Scholar sets a 
preference based on IP address, but if you delete your institution 
from the prefs, it won't come back until you add it back or delete 
the Scholar cookie.)

Bob Duncan

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