I nominate Patrick Ball [1], director of the Human Rights Data Analysis 
Group [2] and lead on Martus (which is FLOSS) [3].

I've never heard him talk but I admire the project, which is about 
gathering and analyzing enormous amounts of data and making it accessible 
and understandable to make the world a better place, like we do---except 
they do it about torture and human rights violations.

Here's a video of him leading a panel at Berkeley recently:

"Benetech HRDAG develops database software, data collection strategies, 
and statistical techniques to measure human rights atrocities. Our 
technology and analysis is used by truth commissions, international 
criminal tribunals, and non-governmental human rights organizations around 
the world. Our analysis identifies the trends and patterns which is the 
evidence of crimes of policy. "

"Martus is a secure information management tool that allows you to create 
a searchable and encrypted database and back this data up remotely to your 
choice of publicly available servers. The Martus software is used by 
organizations around the world to protect sensitive information and shield 
the identity of victims or witnesses who provide testimony on human rights 
abuses. Martus is the Greek word for witness."


William Denton, Toronto :