On Thu, 9 Jul 2009, Avila, Regina L. wrote:

> Can anybody share some good tools for massaging metadata? For anything 
> from file renaming to cleaning ASCII characters to various formulas?  I 
> know Excel does a lot of things but I'm looking for other useful 
> software to consider. I'm familiar with Parserat, Notepad++, A Better 
> File Rename and a few others.  Any other gems I should know?

What formats are you dealing with, and what platform are you on?

For text files on the Mac, I've been a long-term BBEdit user, but any text 
editor that's scriptable and supports regex replace is useful.  (you could 
always use perl or sed & awk if you wanted to automate it).

If you're working with binary data, you might need something to convert it 
to something that you can work with in other tools.