Dear all:

The ParsCit team has also been updating the ParsCit package, and is
happy to announce a new version that improves on classification
accuracy.  This version also adds a fully-integrated module that adds
header (first page) parsing so that that the title, authors and their
institutions and the abstract can be extracted.  The version also
benefits from a number of user contributed fixes.

You can either download a copy of ParsCit for your own use, or use it
through a web services interface. We welcome your feedback and hope
that if you use ParsCit or any other freely available reference string
parsing tool that you can contribute annotated data to help make these
models more robust.

ParsCit (and its online demos) are available from:
Current Distribution:

and is a joint collaboration between the National University of
Singapore and the Pennsylvania State University (the folks who brought
you CiteSeerX).



P.S. Integration with other freely available parsing systems is
hopefully in the works too. If you have something to contribute, we'll
be happy to commit some bandwidth into getting it integrated with